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Why Fluorescent Bulbs?

Fluorescent bulbs first became popular in the mid 1980's. Back then, the "lamps" (the industry word for light bulbs), were bulky, needed special light fixtures, and were used strictly for industrial purposes. CFL's, or compact fluorescent lights, are truly the new wave of the lighting future. These compact fluorescents fit into regular light fixtures, are, on average, only half an inch larger than incandescent light bulbs, and offer energy and monetary savings that far surpass those of regular incandescent light bulbs. CFL's also now offer dimmable light and a three-way lighting option. CFL's don't give off "fluorescent" or harsh light. The fluorescent name refers to the way the lamps are built, and the low heat, energy efficient way in which they burn. In fact, CFL's give a much more natural, soothing light than most harsh incandescent light bulbs.

CFL's are ecologically friendly. OUR CFL's meet a standard of energy efficiency set by the government, and use 1/4 the energy of incandescent light bulbs. CFL's burn at about 90% less heat, and last about ten to fifteen times longer than incandescent bulbs. For the same amount of electrical energy, CFL's produce three to four more light than incandescent bulbs. CFL's can replace incandescents that are about three to four times their wattage, immediately saving up to 75% of your initial lighting energy.

Along with the environmental and technological advantages of CFL's, the financial benefits are extremely important for many households. CFL lamps cost slightly more than incandescents, mainly because CFL's have a micro-ballast built into each unit, something that incandescent light bulbs lack. However, this initial cost is an insignificant price to pay for the long term-monetary savings that will be produced. In 10,000 hours, using a 15-watt CFL over a 60-watt incandescent (which provides an equivalent amount of light), will save you $51. This figure does not even take into account the greater energy costs of the incandescent, as well as the 10-15 incandescent bulbs you would have to buy to replace just one CFL. The amount of savings per CFL is one of the major technological advances of recent years, and probably one of the greatest achievements ever in the lighting industry.

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