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Business Lighting

Below you will find important information regarding Business lighting:


  • Restaurants Color: Our lighting creates a designer look for your restaurant, creating a cleaner, more vibrant space while making daily restaurant activities more safe and efficient. Food, furnishings and general decor will be enhanced.

  • Energy: While most restaurants still use incandescent lighting, sacrificing energy savings, you can cut your restaurant’s energy costs up to 70% with our newest technology.

  • Maintenance: Since our lighting lasts up to 10,000 hours, your employees can be free to make and serve food, not replace bulbs. Assuming a conservative 7 hour usage day, our lighting would have to be changed approximately every 4 years.

  • Decorative: Our lighting will enhance any atmosphere according to the style of your restaurant. Whether you need a romantic, upbeat, calming or energized setting, we provide solutions specifically to your needs.

  • Environment Friendly: All of LEP’s products ensure environmental protection and economic benefits.

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