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Business Lighting

Below you will find important information regarding Business lighting:


  • Hotels Increased Light, Reduced Wattage: The consumption of wattage decreases, while the light output and quality of light is at its greatest. 

  • Reliability and Security: Using our lights decreases the chances of power outages, allowing hotels to plan their lighting cycles, and ensure guest convenience.

  • Product Solutions: Our products have specific patented technology, including dimmable and 3-way fluorescent bulbs, to suit your unique lighting needs. No other competitor can manufacture or sell these products.

  • Overall Maintenance Benefits: Since our lighting lasts up to 10,000 hours, your employees can be free to assist guest, not replace bulbs. Assuming a conservative 7 hour usage day, our lighting would have to be changed approximately every 4 years.

  • Environment Friendly: All of LEP’s products ensure environmental protection and economic benefits.

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