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LUX Electronic Products or LEP Inc. is a world leader in designing power control devices like Universal Dimmers and Universal Voltage/Power Regulators, which are suitable for operating with and dimming any Incandescent, CFL or LED Bulbs or Fixtures.
LEP Universal Dimming Adaptors are designed to dim any bulb, that otherwise would be un-dimmable.
LEP Universal 3-WAY Dimming Adaptor will convert any bulb into a 3-WAY bulb
LEP Universal Wall Dimmers will dim any combination (Incandescent, CFL, LED) of otherwise un-dimming bulbs. They will also dim any fluorescent application.

Finally, LEP’s comprehensive and reliable dimming solutions allow for a dimming feature to be added to any lighting application. Any very low cost, un-dimmable light bulb can now easily and reliably be converted into a dimmable bulb, thanks to the innovations LEP provides.

Our remarkable new devices offer an excellent and cost effective solution for reliably implementing the dimming function into commercial, residential and hospitality lighting applications.
The use of these advanced devices renders the ES bulb qualification unnecessary.

LEP’s LED products are designed to yield the highest electrical efficiency at a very low manufacturing cost. The proprietary, patented LED Drivers, operate ‘off line’, allowing a significant increase in efficiency and overall power density, compared to the competitive products on the market.

LEP is proud to claim the first 120W (1,800lm) Incandescent Replacement LED bulb in the A21 format, at the lowest possible manufacturing cost. It is also proud to claim the lowest cost 3-WAY LED Omni-directional 100W (33W/500lm-66W/1000lm-100W/1,500lm) A21 Incandescent Replacement, at a cost directly competing against the equivalent 3-WAY CFL and Incandescent bulbs.

LEP is also proud to announce the first T8/T12 2ft, 4ft and 8ft ‘ballast compatible’ Linear LED tubes.
These novel products operate in any existing T8 or T12, Instant Start, Rapid Start or Pre-Heat applications, parallel or serial lamp connections, driven by any electronic or magnetic ballast, without the need of replacing the existing ballast. Nevertheless, if the ballast is removed, they will operate directly off power line. They also operate together with the traditional Fluorescent Lamps, in any Fluorescent or LED combination. These novel products are ideal for retrofit and for new installations. The 8ft T8/T12 in particular is unique, at 50W/5,000lm specifications.

LEP, Inc. is committed to providing businesses and consumers with energy efficient and superior performing products. We are committed to saving our customers money, as well as improving the performance of each product we manufacture. We work on the principle of savings environmentally and financially. Our products last longer, require less energy, are more efficient, and are proven to significantly lower energy costs.

As a leader in the lighting industry, LUX Electronic Products (LEP) holds several patents worldwide, while being at the forefront of innovation, design, and performance, with low cost lighting solutions.

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